Caring for your Pop and Purl Handmade Knitwear 

I recommend to always store your cardigan folded instead of hanging to prevent stretching. You can hand wash your jumper in cold water, but please be careful. Air and flat dry only.

100% natural wool fibre which means some amount of shedding and pilling will naturally occur. I find that washing, as above, will help prevent some amount of shedding. If you find that your garment pills (which is natural and will occur with use, especially heavy use) what you can do is simply trim the pills with a pair of scissors. It will only take a few minutes and your garment will look like new.

Custom Order and Sold Out Items

If you have a favourite colour in mind, or would prefer a jumper I am happy to discuss a Pop and Purl custom order.


Pre order and custom knits requests can take up to three weeks for me to knit. Your Pop and Purl cardigan will be made with care and by hand.  Once knitted and sent please allow up to ten days for shipping.  


Please consider and choose your cardigan carefully. Due to the nature of the item I am unable to accept returns. All items are made with care and attention to detail. If you are unhappy with my handmade woolly garment please let me know as soon as possible.